Scar Therapy

When a person seeks out scar therapy, they have often been on a lengthy journey. The journey has usually involved a traumatic injury or diagnosis. They have had a complete medical experience and been discharged from their doctors care. While many people experience full recovery, others may experience pain and dysfunction as a result of their scar. Possible pain, itch and reduced range of motion can occur even after a successful surgery. Through hands-on therapy and education, Victoria Scar Therapy aims to bridge the gap between surgery/injury and a return to daily activities. It is never too late to begin treatment on a scar.

What is a Scar?

Tissue healing prompts an increase in connective tissue formation to reinforce the compromised area. This process occurs in response to all healing, from a muscle strain to a surgical incision to radiation therapy. Scar tissue is the reinforced connective tissue remaining after the healing process is complete.

What is Scar Therapy?

Scar therapy is a hands-on treatment with a registered massage therapist. The treatment focus is to release an adhesion that impedes the area of the scar while maintaining the integrity of the healed tissue.

Seeking Treatment

A scar therapy treatment is typically 45 – 60 minutes duration, provided by a registered massage therapist in a clinical setting. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or to schedule a consultation.